a day with love :3

hello peeps ! okay ,this time i wanna story about my boyfiend. this month we have been 8monthsary :) and im so happy with him . yesterday me spent time with him . seriusly he make me feel im so important to his life . me too okay :) everyday my day just with him .so please people dont take him from me :) im happy with my life now . please dont talking shit with our relation . he always do something to make sure me feel like yeahhh . seriusly im still not believe that since last year until now we still stay for our relation. day by day , he make me love him so much (!) i don't care what people say . and yesterday he buy the big teddy bear for me . ohh yeah!  i'm really2 like that . btw, now im got 3big teddy and 1 small cute teddy from him . im really appreciate. ilovehimsodamnmuch (!)so that all :) bye guys . 

no tittle to update ,hahahahahahah

hello , lamaa nya tk update blog . heee~ bosan ney . btw aku tak tau nk story pasal ape neyyy . nk story pasal ape eh? tanak ah story . drpd korang stalk blog aku . baik korang pollowww. hahahah , takde motif --' wehh , sape ade twitterr? mai pollowww wehh . @kayrinacrly . pollow me kayyy guys :) promote skett . dah aa blog ney dah lain . ape kebende tah aku tk phm . naseb ingat lagi password . haha, k aaa . byebyeeeee :) :)
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